AIA Metals


From the beginning AIA has been dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services possible. Being the best of the best to our key markets, our products and services are second to none. Active in both the domestic and international markets, we understand that quality isn’t a luxury, but a requirement for our customers.

Markets that that remain integral to AIA’s core business include:

  • Transportation
    Including trailer manufacturers, tractor components and accessories, brake systems, after-market custom steering wheels, engine and automobile components and more.
  • Electrical
    Including transformers, switches, switch plates and covers, as well as electrical contacts.
  • Household Appliances Kitchen equipment including stoves, refrigerators, irons, blenders and more.
  • Lighting Industry Including florescent lights and recessed light fixtures as well as bathroom fixtures.


Connecting the US with Mexico is a Strategic Alliance of AIA Metals, Sabre and Champagne Metals.

Expect the highest quality on time, every time.

Contact AIA 24/7:

p: 816.650.6101
f: 816.650.9740

What our clients have to say

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