AIA Metals

Quality is what we DO.

At AIA we take our work personally. We would never send you the wrong material just to make a work deadline easier. With strict standards and quality checks in place, we make sure that our work is done right the first time.

We’ve been ISO certified 9001:2008 since 1999.

Following Guidelines

AIA observes ISO practices during every aspect of the manufacturing, sales, and customer service process. We analyze full mill test reports (MTRs) to ensure that both chemical and mechanical properties are successfully achieved prior to shipment. We also provide MTRs to customers at no extra cost.

Fitting Your Project

Provide us with your project specifications, manufacturing process, and the exact end use, and see how AIA can work for you. We analyze your process to make certain that we select or produce the right materials to meet your exact specifications, successfully making the parts you need.

Quality Documentation

We use a standardized documentation packet for our customers and forwarders. If a more tailored document or packet is necessary, we will generate and proof each document before transmitting it to our customers and forwarders. As a result, every customer — international or domestic — receives the correct documentation on time, every time.


Connecting the US with Mexico is a Strategic Alliance of AIA Metals, Sabre and Champagne Metals.

Expect the highest quality on time, every time.

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What our clients have to say

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